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About Ways Corporate responsibility

In Kuwait, specifically in the capital city, the company start up with the first steps in development and design With the participation of an elite group of professional designers and programmers with great technological development, The development of WAYS services and programs initiated with smart phones, in a short time, we had the ability to compete other Kuwaiti markets with our services and smart Applications. With the beginning of 2013, we invaded Arab Republic of Egypt , Specifically in the second capital city "Alexandria" with our services, and now we serves exceptional products in both development and implementation of websites and smart phone applications , and also we added services such as e-marketing and managing advertising campaigns Electronic.

Is one of the most important responsibilities which having a great interest in ways-app Company. It always seeking to develop services that will help to raise awareness and integration within the community and help everyone on Social Work.
Ways and People with a disability
We support the rights of people with disability in access to information and independent living and integration into the community. Ways-app always working to provide services achieve those goals and working to spread awareness initiatives in this regardIn collaboration with several institutions and among its workforce in this regard .
Ways-app Jobs
we always make creating opportunities for innovation and the employment capacity in front of our eyes and in the way that always try to facilitate an opportunity for aspiring young people work to find the right opportunity and help him to present himself directly and interactively in different areas of work (Link ways C.v)

Eg : 253 Gamal Abdel Nasser St, Miami, Alexandria

Tel : 02 03 5534449 - 02 01010 6999 68

Email : gm@ways-app.net

Kw : Al andalus block 6 - st 9 - villa 308

Tel : 00965 55 0770 19

Email : info@ways-app.net

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Mobile App

• Development and consulting

• Design

• Programming

Get your application in front of millions of users at Google play the most visited store in the world for android apps it's easier for users to find and download your apps .

how can I convert my business to application? We answer you this question before we start our deal with you , we do not seek to complete the contract with you before we offer Integratedideas for application and offer a full concept for its contents and services in order to make sure they're appropriate for your business .

We offer visualize the proposed design for your application having the technical capabilities that the application user will enjoy it andand services that will make users feel satisfied with the services provided to them .

ways-app offersits customers the applications fit the android environment and the IOS on iPhonesand provide programmingsolutions for all areas which needed by the customer andDoes not depend only on the businessextends to programs entertainment , sports, news , religious and games and much more .

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Desktop Models of our programs

A desktop application is all the computer software that causes a computer to perform useful tasks beyond the running of the computer itself. A specific instance of such software is called a software application, application program, application or app
Application software applies the power of a particular computing platform or system software to a particular purpose.
Examples include accounting software, enterprise software, graphics software, media players, and office suites. Many application programs deal principally with documents. Applications may be bundled with the computer and its system software or published separately, and can be coded as university projects.
• Programs for accounting and warehouses
• Equipment leasing programs
• Programs, clinics and hospitals
• Contracting programs and projects
• Programs, institutes and schools
• Administrative Affairs programs and models
• Programs presses
• Real Estate Management Programs
• Programs of cooperative societies and POS
• Software companies and glasses shops
• Management Software saloons
• Programs shipping companies and mail and transport
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Why our websites ?

1 - Domain booking

2 - Hosting

3 - Design and its sites

4-Publishing sites

Ways-app has no limits in imagination and creativity which make us the best for you. Wecompletely move away from traditional methods. And always strive to provide the best websites in the best and simplest programming languages, and most beautiful designs and always work hard to get the desired design.

the beginning of the success of your business starts from booking your site namewhich is the gate to get customers to your business site.Ways – app offers to its customers booking domain names service with smart, flexible names and easy access to it........

the standards of quality and safety are the basic criteria that ways-app stands on when it hosting your site and offering to you services of website hosting through a network of high-quality servers ....

ways use a different programs languages(- (java - php-Asp.net –Ruby) and other languages that achieve the goals of the customer in Created sites. and also Ways design many designs per site for the customer to choose a design that expresses his or person.

WAYS offers its services in the dissemination of advertising and marketing it in a way that makes him easy access within the various search engines in addition to a number of sites marked by the words of research that could be used by researchers for sites related activities site.

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Ways- app will use her plans in marketing to provide you with your customers Here the steps of the plan : Announcement on the pages of social media "Facebook – twitter – instergham – Google+" Make campaign of messages on whatsapp"

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Ways-appspecialises in 3D design and production for objects, products, locations, cars, and characters, as well as postproduction techniques for advertising, photography, animation and interactive industries.

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